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Landspell's - The Exclusive and Innovative Real Estate Community

Land, Experts,
and Capital

The Real Estate Community Gateway to Land Development Opportunities



Landspell’s is an exclusive real estate community active in purveying fully vetted land opportunities. In particular, Landspell’s acts with integrity and fairness, has the required skills and competencies to deliver, manages conflicts of interests transparently and safeguards the security of their members’ stakes.

Landspell’s is an RICS regulated company. This means globally recognized standards are respected in order to provide and assure services of high quality.

How to become a

Landspell’s Member?


You are a
Land Seller

Looking to sell your plot of land to a large audience of prequalified exclusive buyers at the best price?

You are a
Land Buyer

Willing to access a maximum number of fully vetted development opportunities?

You provide Services

Aiming to showcase your expertise and position yourself in the real estate community?

You need Information

Interested in the real estate industry of Luxembourg or just want to stay informed?


At Landspell’s we are also dedicated to keeping you abreast of everything real estate.
In addition to Landspell’s next event below, our “Event Calendar” button will take you to our comprehensive calendar of real estate-related events.

Landspell’s News

Landspell’s is a fast-growing community of real estate experts and exclusive market players from Luxembourg and all over the world. Here are some news about Landspell’s we would like to share with you.

May 2, 2019

"Clair comme de la roche - Landspell's met l'immobilier à l'heure de la digitalisation et de la vente privée"

Le Jeudi, du 2.5. au 8.5.2019, page 11

May 2, 2019

"Clair comme de la roche - Landspell's met l'immobilier à l'heure de la digitalisation et de la vente privée", Source : Le Jeudi, du 2.5. au 8.5.2019, page 10


March 20, 2019

"Landspell's - un concept immobilier inédit", Source: Entreprises magazine, n°94, mars-avril 2019


March 12, 2019

"Opportunités à construire", Source: Lëtzebuerger Journal, Photo: Editpress/Fabrizio Pizzolante


March 11, 2019

"Landspell’s, un club pour «disrupter» le foncier", Source Paperjam Newsletter

Do not miss our latest article published in the Paperjam Newsletter today. https://paperjam.lu/article/landspells-un-club-pour-disrup We are present at the MIPIM this week and would be delighted to meet you there to explain the Landsp...